How To Start An Organic Vegetable Garden

organic vegetable garden growing

How to Start An Organic Vegetable Garden

The word ‘organic garden’ might sound very fashionable but one has to know its meaning clearly before going to the effort to¬†start an organic vegetable garden. What does organic garden mean? Organic garden means growing fruits, herbs and vegetables without the use of chemical fertilizers. Moreover organic vegetables and fruits are always better in taste and quality. Besides it is also good for the environment that reduces chemicals in the air and is environment friendly.

Deciding on the location is the first step. One might need to build a raised platform before beginning to plant seeds. There is use of natural fertilizers. Natural fertilizers are available in any garden shops. Although these fertilizers work slowly, they give healthy and strong plants. This means one should start collecting good compost. This compost composing of dried leaves, kitchen waste, saw dust, tea leaves and egg shells, contain nutrients and is spread on the soil to make it fertile. It also helps to retain moisture in the soil thus acting as a soil conditioner. Animal wastes of cows, goat and dogs can be used as manures. It would take around a year to build up a suitable soil layer for an organic garden. All these materials make the plants healthy and resistant to insects, pests and plant diseases.

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Now choosing the plants is an interesting part. It requires study and efficiency over the subject. Some choose heirloom plants while some go for hybrid seeds. Seeds can be planted well before indoors during late winters to avoid wastage of time. When these plants grow strong, take off the healthiest ones and plant them in the extravagantly prepared soil outside.
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Availability of moisture can be increased with the use of straw and hay near the plant. One has to be careful of insects. Many use nets over the small plants to avoid birds and insects biting off the leaves and damaging the branches. But these nets must be of very fine quality so that the plant does not get trapped. Regularly check on the growth of weeds. One has to water the plants regularly. There must not be overdose of water or lack of water.

A gardener must be a good observer. One can only shine as a good gardener if he or she is aware of what is happening in the garden. A daily watch would solve problems like weeds and pests. Growing an organic garden is not a very difficult task but one has to keep some simple rules in mind. Grow fruits and vegetables for the family and friends in the little space In front of the garden or in the backyard and use it for meals. Saying no to chemicals would give one healthy food and thereby a healthy body, fit and fine!

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