How To Create Your Own Vegetable Garden

Creating Your Own Vegetable Garden or Vegetable Plot
Gardening itself is a fun thing to do. It is a learning experience and the best way to refuse not to stay idle. And if that garden can be used in a productive way wouldn’t it be simply great? Imagine growing vegetable in a cute little vegetable garden at home. It would not only be like a decor or a hobby but one can regularly eat home made vegetable! And as we all know eating vegetables is so important to stay fit and healthy! But this cannot be possible within a day. One has to plan in advance and give proper time and care. Moreover one has to be ready to shell out money not only to buy tools and seeds but also for the initial set up.

In order to get fresh and good looking vegetable right in front ready to be cooked, one has to follow some simple steps. The foremost thing is to decide the location of the garden. It can be indoors or outdoors. If the space is too small one can use an elongated container for just one or two vegetables. Many also build a raised platform like bed near the windows or balcony. For a beginner the best thing would be not to dream of a large garden as it would be difficult to handle. Few healthy vegetables are better than many damaged ones. Choosing vegetables which are less expensive like corns and berries is a wise thing to do initially.

Sunlight is most vital for a vegetable garden. The location selected must be based on a place that has plenty of sunlight. Watering, fertilizing are all secondary criteria to sunlight. There should not be water logging as this would rot the plant. Regular check on the growth of weeds must be done. Vegetables planted with less gaps in between would help to prevent growth of weeds. The garden must be surrounded by adequate fencing. If vegetables that require support are grown like beans and tomatoes, then it should be at an easy height to act as a trellis. Guidance from experts would be an intelligent move for beginners.
garden watering

Many people plant how to create your own vegetable gardenvegetables that are perennial while many go for non perennial ones. But if both are wanted then the pots must be separate. More attention on pests and weeds must be given for the perennial ones. Building compost well before hand would be beneficial for the soil. Compost may be collected from animal wastes, kitchen wastes like tea leaves, egg shells or dried leaves. For mulching straw and hay can be used. For a healthy vegetable garden, pest control must be regular done. Apply the principle of crop rotation that was once studied in school. It increases fertility of the soil.

There might be mistakes in the beginning, but there is no need to get discouraged. Sincere practice and dedication would definitely bear fruit. Remember to plan according to the budget. And the excitement would grow in leaps and bounds when one would see the vegetable garden growing day by day. It would surely become something more than an asset to the owner!

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